Introducing Loza Maléombho: African street chic fashion

” African street chic fashion” That is  what Loza Maleombho  collection has been described as .Loza Malembho designs have been taking African fashion to the next level.The label was founded in 2009, currently based in New york city . Loza Moleombho stands to the idea that african fashion will be known for its fierce fashion change for the long run.The designs are mixed of modern and trendy silhouettes with an ethnic and tribal edge in textile. Therefore bringing the African fashion forward in africa development of fashion .

Loza Malembho was born in Brazil.Raised in Abidjan, Côte-d’Ivoire (W. Africa.) At the young age Loza Melembho knew she wanted to get involved in fashion. Her very early designs started with her designing dresses for her mother friends and sisters. From there Loza Molembho knew she had to take her fashion interests serious and decided to move to United States to pursue her dream of starting her own label.


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