The man behind Africa Vogue Profile..

Mario epanya The man behind Vogue Africa has made quite sound in the media lately .The Cameroon native grew up around fashion based in France, as his mother was a designer and boutique owner. He was always very artistic–he painted as a teenager.

He started his career helping at fashion shows and doing makeup for small magazines before securing a job at cosmetics company Dessange. In 2007, he quit Dessange to start his own hair, makeup, and photography company, Mario Epanya Productions.

The first time Mario epanya picked up Vogue he felt that africa creatively was not being expressed . He knew that he wanted to take his vision to Africa . In his words  ” i realized that black women in Western magazines didn’t correspond to African beauty. Women in Western magazines frequently had light skin, fine features, and long hair. Today I think black women want to re-appropriate their image and don’t want others to dictate what is beautiful and what isn’t. Beauty is diverse and today we aspire to more diversity of choice. So when I got the idea to create the covers, I said, why not?”

Mario Epanya inspires all of us , Its about chasing your dream and making it your own . Have a power to lead trail and inspire others to do the same .
























2 thoughts on “The man behind Africa Vogue Profile..

  1. Thank you so much for your article ,really happy to see that i inspire others like others inspires me .
    A special dedication to Lady Whitney Houston …her style and songs also part of me and songs like “One moment in time ” or “The Greatest love of all” follows me all my life .
    sweet from you to take time for sharing this .Isisafrica and God bless
    Mario Epanya

  2. Thank you Mario Epanya for taking your time to check out my blog , I love your art , amazing work! . I hope to see more of your photography and i hope to have exclusive interview with you one day


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