2012:Make time for healthy Lifestyle

The new year has always been symbolic for fresh start. 2011 is over and its time to move ahead and start thinking about setting new health life style goals. This is the first step to make sure what ever your plans for this year  is to make sure your body is healthy. I know that sometimes we set new goals to never eat too much junk food or cut back on the glasses of wine we take every week. With lack motivation we never seem to achieve the goals.

Have you ever looked at your fridge and feel like you should not be eating the stuff your consuming now ,yet you still cant seem to throw it away ?  Its time to motivate your self and start reducing some of the bad habits .I have never been the one to join the gym but i have always found my self doing Yoga to keep my body fit .

Yoga doesnt just keep your body fit but it also keep your mind relaxed and spirituality at peace. I went to this intense Kundalani Yoga class , for the first few minutes i was struggling to sit in poses or breathing techniques. It is when i realised how lazy and blocked my body has become . Sometimes we all dont realise how much bad health life style can effect us . Therefore you could be going through depression moments in your life and not even realise the cause of it. Your body is screaming for some cleansing and healthy life style.

The year is still new . Its time to start making plans for healthy life style .


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