Real life news:South african singer Mshoza wants to be White

I am adding new topic into this blog . I know the blog is meant to present only beauty,fashion and art. However i came across this story that i thought i should share with you guys. So i am going to share news of real issues thats happening in African community.

I stumble upon this story on AfriPop site today about South African singer Mshoza bleaching her skin. AfriPOP reports that this week she appeared on the popular South African talk show Motswako to declare her “passion to be white”. The horrified interviewer, Penny Lebyane, later said “Yes I was angry, Yes I took it personal!”

Honestly I cant say i am shocked because it is the first time somebody came out to the public to speak about the  black women who  chooses to bleeches their skin it has always been kept a secret.

The singer Mshoza admits  she wants to look more white. Because To her whiteness is something she intrinsically believes will make her happy. Is she really to blame? Or is it the society we live in?

What i find disturbing about this outburst of her choice to change her skin colour  is that little girls will be seeing this story and  it will poison their innocent minds  and feel insecure about their skin colour as if the weave wearing issues are not enough . How are we educating children with this? what kind of message is it sending to them?. Most of these insecurities start with the society defination of what beauty is .Who is to say the next kid who read that article wont feel the same way after reading that..

What is  the message ?



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