Introducing :Mustafa Hassanali , Tanzania Designer

African designer ,Mustafa Hassanali , the only designer from Tanzania whose designs has been hitting storms all over Africa. The name of his collection, Afrikalos is traced from two words “ Afri” shorted version of Africa and “kalos”is Greek word which means beauty.

Afrikalos has been inspired by sight, sounds, rhythm, vibrancy and vivaciousness. The inspiration of his designs , the chaotic colour coordination and amalgamation of various textures of fabric and prints, which defines exotic meets eclectic version of annovation that is truly in motion.

Mustafa’s work has been highly appreciated at international levels. His showing at the Colour in the desert Fashion week in Botswana,  Origin Africa in Mauritius 2011, Arise Magazine fashion week in Nigeria 2011, Fashion Business Angola, FAFA (Festival of African Fashion and Arts in Kenya), Afric Collection in Douala, Cameroon, India International Fashion Week 20009, Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief 2009, Arise Africa Fashion week 2009, Durban & Cape Town Fashion Weeks, Vukani Fashion Awards in Pretoria, Miss Ethiopia Beauty Pageant, Mediterranean Fashion Festival in Sicily, Italy; M’Net Face of Africa, Mozambique, Uganda & Kenya Fashion Weeks has brought him immense adulation

Mustafa Hassanali believes in the ‘never say die’ attitude and uses his talent and creativity in making a better today and tomorrow for the fashion fraternity along with the various social causes very close to his heart. Mustafa is truly a fashionista personified!











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