Love Lifestyle :Sexy ideas He’ll (Really!) Love


Spend the Entire Day in Bed

Turn off your Blackberry and Iphone and unplug the clock , switch off the laptop, it’s time to hunker down with your dream guy. Skip your to-do-list for the day and make a new one where everything on it can be done in bed. It’s fun, it’s free, and sure beats working all day, doesn’t it? Go ahead. What are you waiting for? Spend time with your man.



Hot Saucy Texts 

Ready to instantly spice things up? send him hot saucy texts , and i mean you can get creative as much as you can . Give him clues of your sex encounter, tease him, learn each other ‘s fantasies . The anticipation will build up inside and he will be looking forward to your next meeting if he can wait that long..



Set the mood

Take long pampering bath , after you get out , burn jasmine or lavender incense on electric burner or coal burner . Soak your self with the smell that is coming from the incense burner , make sure you skin smells of beautiful jasmine smell , then join him on the bed wearing nothing but jasmine smell on your skin.


Sexy Post

If your man is away travelling and your doing the long distance thing , there is way you can still keep your sex life spicy. Post him one of your sexiest underwear ( preferably new one ), write him sexy note that you will be waiting for him until he gets back.


Serve Yourself For Desert.

After you’ve both enjoyed a delicious meal, it’s time for a one-of-a-kind dessert in bed. Hand him a jar of edible chocolate body paint and a brush, and light a candle — it’s on.



Take a Bubble Bath Together

A little fizz, steam and a hot bath can go a long way for your sex drive. Skip the showers in favor of a romantic evening in the tub together for some sensual foreplay before bed.




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