Breaking News:2012 Zimbabwe Fashion Week

I just found recently from AfricaFashionGuide#

“From August 30th–September 1st, 2012 the largest city wide fashion show in Zimbabwe will return for its 3rd edition! The annual Zimbabwe Fashion Week is going strong now with regular annual shows and returns to the city of Harare to feature nationally and internationally designers and creative talent. The non-profit organisation Zimbabwe Fashion Week Trust, aims to create and to develop the growing fashion industries in Zimbabwe, to help advance the career of select local talent and celebrate the thriving fashion retail community”

The ZFW Trust, was founded by model and renowned designer Priscilla Chigariro( image below), who will use this event to link international partners, local buyers, agents, editors and more to this vibrant fashion industry in Zimbabwe. Her aim and “the underlying idea behind Zimbabwe Fashion Week is to create a sustainable project which will work like a well oiled machine.” It is her opportunity and desire to give back to her birth country by establishing a solid fashion platform that presents new design talent.  I am looking forward to this!

(Priscilla Chigariro)


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