Makeup Trend :How To Achieve Smoky Eyes

I watched Aliesh Pierce Michelle Obama’s Make up  Artist Tutorial Video on how to achieve smoky eyes ,i  know its something most of us women try to do when trying for the sexy effective look , i hope you these  steps will be helpful and help you achieve smoky eyes!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Final look

After gently cleaning and moisturizing the skin, Aliesh applied Always Color Stay on Foundation in Toast, uplifted by highlighter in white soufflé. She set the look in place with micro-fine transluscent powder in golden brown, and brightened Lily’s contoured cheekbones with powder blush in Soleil.

Starting with a black pencil, she lined the eyes, then applied eye shadow color Emerald right at the lash line with a thick brush. Blending the middle color, Pewter, right up to the crease signaled increased drama, while a finish of gold mist at the corner elevated the gaze.

Lipstick in Clove with a dash of nude lipgloss in the center offered a nice, neutral balance to the drama a smoky look can create. A few coats of high definition mascara in black completed the look.


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