Spotted: Jamaica Style Week 2012




To compare international fashion weeks is a futile exercise. London is London. Paris is Paris and Kingston is Kingston. On Sunday night, music enveloped the final show venue, Knutsford Boulevard in central Kingston.

Emcee Jerry D, a portly gentleman, also known as the vibe master, lit up the stage as he bantered with the crowd. The four day event, ambitious but not flawless was organised byDeiwght Peters CEO of Saint models International and founder of Style Week Jamaica.

The style week, now in its seventh year, extends its reach beyond a traditional fashion week. Peter’s intention is to “widen the message of what fashion means to the people of Jamaica.” In his ardent undertaking, Peter’s addresses several aspects of the fashion conversation. “The infrastructure for fashion in Jamaica is still being developed and that is why in addition to shows, I educate through a fashion forum offered to one thousand high school students,” explains Peter’s.

Peter’s appears to have identified the areas that need strengthening within the Jamaican fashion industry and is doing it in a way that engages everyday people. From these images i have to say i am impressed and loving the style!


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