Model ‘s Fashion Shoot: Chanel Iman

Inspired by the African continent, Rushka Bergman dresses the amazing Chanel Iman.

The IMG Agency model is the most demanded among designers, every brand wants her as their spokesperson and every magazine on their cover. An explosion of energy that can be seen perfectly in Bergman’s styling that dresses her with outfits designed on her muti-talented personality and portrayed by photographer John Jansheski.

In the first look we see the African style in the black and white floral skirt by Marc Jacobs and in two elegant details: the gray double-breasted vest and the band in African fabric.

In the second shot, Chanel’s beauty is enhanced by the almost electric blue wool suit designed by Miu Miu and by the band wrapped around her head as if it were a turban.

The third outfit goes back to the floral prints and is crowned by a yellow fur hat by Marc Jacobs. And for the grand finale, Chanel shows off all her sensuality in a total black look that recalls the African natural instinct, once again winning with the elegance of her poses.









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