Solange Knowles African Theme Music Video

I am already fan of Solange ‘s fashion sense, she has always been seen wearing the latest rich african prints , with her unique style she has been able to turn heads in her presence. Just recently i saw her latest music video , tittled ” losing you ” the song left me speechless , it was not just her voice but the clothes she wore for the music video . I love that she just packed bag full of african garments and shoot video in the heart of South Africa Cape Town.

But the desire to tell a story that went deeper than a mere escapade among friends to the other side of the world and the urge of capturing a particular culture, in line with the freshness of the video, led the creative team to reach out to Daniele Tamagni: photographer that has documented the SAPE, Société d’ambianceurs et des personne élégantes.

In little over four minutes Solange demonstrates once again how come her stage name doesn’t need to include her notorious last name. The way she presents herself and her musical approach represent her unique identity and the very different path she has taken compared to the one chosen by Beyoncé, trained to become a woman on a mission in the show business world by the head of the Knowles household himself. There is no hint of emulation in Solange and her true comeback as a singer, despite several collaborations with Theophilus London for example, will be, without a doubt, acclaimed.







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