Interview with Magma House of Fashion Label Based In Zimbabwe and Toronto

I am always interested in knowing about the new upcoming african fashion labels , just recently i got the chance to interview new African fashion label based in Zimbabwe and Toronto Canada called Magma House of Fashion. Below is the interview i did with the designer of the label Dharshini Magonde .The label owned by Leonard Magonde.

Tell us about the Magma house of fashion , how did the label start?

I have always had a passion for fashion and came to realize this when I was in Dubai in 2005. I started putting designs together on a leisurely basis but never thought of pursuing a career in the fashion industry. But earlier this year, doors opened up for me in Zimbabwe this during a family vacation. Inspiration struck when my partner and significant other Leonard Magonde urged me to grow my talent in Zimbabwe, which I must say provides a conducive environment for new designers to make mistakes, learn and develop.

How would you describe Magma House of fashion?

At Magma, we celebrate all cultures around the world through our creative art form. We create signature pieces by combining traditional fabrics from various cultures- always looking for new ways to reinvent ourselves.

 What influenced you to start the label? or your latest inspirations to your collection

My latest collection is Afrocentric, I spent some time in Africa working on the collection, acquiring inspiration from everything African

Who are you targeting ?

Our designs are well suited for adventurous, dynamic and confident individuals who are looking for ways to express their worldly wisdom.

Can we expect any fashion shows with your label?

We’re putting together a flash mob fashion show during the Christmas holidays and hopefully there’ll be more to come.

From all the African designers in Africa  which ones do you like or inspires you?

I love the work of a lot of designers, masters of their own kind. To name a few, David Tlale, Abed Mahfouz and Manish Arora.

You can check more of their collections and updates here at Check them out at

Written by Isis Africa Blog


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