Meet The Women Of Vision


2014 Iconic Nigerian fashion brand Tiffany Amber Celebrated 15 years of excellent in the fashion industry on the 11h of October this year.
In November 1998, Folake Coker launched Tiffany Amber, the first ready-to-wear label in Nigeria, revolutionizing Nigerian fashion and paving the way for the industry we know and love today. Fast forward 15 years and what you have is a luxurious lifestyle brand that transcends the whole of Africa with outstanding global recognition.
To celebrate this monumental occasion, The 15th anniversary celebrations kick off with the unveiling of the Tiffany Amber, “Nigeria’s Women of Vision” Campaign:
The Women of Vision Campaign is the brainchild of the brand’s Founder/Artistic Director Folake Folarin-Coker who in recognising the achievement of having built a successful and sustainable business over 15 years, acknowledges that one of the greatest things that she has experienced in growing her empire, is the incredible women she encounters on a daily basis. These women are inspirational, they are empowered and she wants to share them with the world. Most specifically the younger generation of women, searching for strong female role models; After all in Folake’s own words “become women of vision!”

This campaign is predicted to run for the next 5 years, with the purpose of growing a mentorship scheme. Mentees will have the chance to intern and seek advice and support from these amazing women in their respective fields. After a year-long period, the mentees will graduate from the scheme and be assisted further in spearheading in their dream careers.


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